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A domain name for your business, institution or organization demonstrates authority, longevity and trust. Good domain names are also indicative of a good business sense. You stand to gain trust for your brand and a proper digital presense with a clearly thought out domain name that represents you well. The domain name also stands as your address on the internet if you decide to have a website


When you need a properly representative email address for yourself or business, having a domain name is primary. An official domain based email exudes longevity and will go a long way in giving your institution that serious corporate or official look it deserves. Once you have registered a domain name, you can create personalized domain based email addresses.


To register a domain name that represents your business, institution or organization well,

  1. Create a list of sufficienty descriptive names
  2. Search in the Domain searcher if they are avaiable for registration
  3. Register a preffered one through the check out process